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Digital Publishing will make your content available in digital format(s). These formats help you get to market quickly or deploy your training in digital format therefore you save money and much more...


Get your online training material developed for your company. Let us transform your learning modules to interactive e-Learning!

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It has been a long journey, in 30 000 B.C. – Cave walls became the first medium when ancient humans made some drawings. In 1456 – Gutenberg the first book is produced on a printing press, the first in the world. Therefore, from drawings, to scrolls to printed books, and from printed books to e-Books, there has been so many innovations in Publishing and how people learn.

From face to face formal classroom teaching and learning to blended, flipped, mobile learning and e-Learning. With people acquiring more and more smartphones and tablets, we begin to see more traction in the uptake of e-Books and people using their smartphones and tablets to learn.

At Fundai Digital we specialise in Digital Publishing and e-Learning Solutions. If you are short of time or the technology to meet your Digital Publishing and e-Learning needs you have come to the right place! We help you transform your content from print or any form to digital format. For Digital Publishing, we follow the internationally recognised structured XML workflow system for both conventional and international online publishing.

Whether it is Digital Publishing or e-Learning, we will ensure that we fulfil the needs of your target audience. We offer type setting services, proof reading & editorial services, and e-Book Conversion Services. We use ADDIE model for our e-Learning Development. We assist with e-Learning Consultation & Integration Services, Instructional Design, as well as develop interactive learning content.

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